International cooperation

_image-cooperation_3currently is developing cooperation with foreign companies – known participants of the global bitumen market. Interest in close cooperation with the prospect of participation in the partnership has already declared holding “Riyada-group” and “Bitumina Group” (Dubai, United Arab Emirates). Every 4 years in Europe Congress: EUROASPHALT & EUROBITUME CONGRESS. From around the world at this Congress brings together manufacturers of these two fields to share their achievements and to hear about the achievements of their colleagues.

Congress attracts specialized companies and experts to exchange experience and views of their products. NP “ROSBITUM” declared among the participants of the Congress in 2016.

The event is scheduled to take place in Prague. Previous in 2012 took place in Istanbul. EUROASPHALT & EUROBITUME CONGRESS 2016
Part of Rosatoma at such a representative forum will serve the further development of the Partnership in the international market of bitusikova.


It is planned to organize a separate meeting of ROSBITUM/EVROBETON, where both associations will discuss opportunities and prospects of cooperation. During Eurocongressi it is planned to organize the Russian section for all participants from Russia and CIS countries.


The company-organizer GUARANT International, is a leader of Central and Eastern Europe on the organization of European and world events. For more than 23 years organized more than 1500 events from 100 up to 17 000 participants.