predsedatelChairman of the Board of NP “ROSBITUM” – Sablin Sergey Ivanovich. Born on September 21, 1957 in the family of workers.

The father – the inhabitant of blockade Leningrad. After military service in the army he worked in the trust “Intdelay”. Built Sports and concert complex in Leningrad, House of government in Moscow, the panorama of the battle of Stalingrad in Volgograd. 1988 till 1991 he worked in the administration of the building № 60.

In 1996 on the basis of enterprise “Sovinteravtoservis” Sablin organized state unitary enterprise “TRANS-Petersburg”, which carried out the design and construction of items weight control, permits and passes to travel to the Central part of St. Petersburg of heavy and oversized vehicles and other activities. However, the desire to bring as much benefit to the city and its residents on their work led to the idea of creating an institution that would most widely covered in its activities, the organization of road traffic in St. Petersburg. November 29, 1999, by the decree of the Governor of St. Petersburg, was appointed Director of the state institution “Directorate of road traffic organization”. Since 2006 he is the head in the northwestern Federal district of the State Transport Leasing Company, engaged in the prospective development of new directions in residential and commercial construction.

Currently heads the group of companies “ASTRA”. Candidate of economic Sciences. It has three higher education. At different times he graduated from the Leningrad engineering and construction Institute, St. Petersburg state University, St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of interior.