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In 2010, the initiator of the establishment of NP “ROBITON” Saint-Petersburg Fund “Safe city” has ed with the initiative of the Government of the Russian Federation on the problem of improving the quality of asphalt concrete pavement using modern bitumen and polymer-bitumen binder in road construction.

On behalf of the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation from g. No. of IP-P9-S the Fund jointly with the Ministry of energy of Russia, Ministry of transport of Russia, the FDA “Rosavtodor”, oil companies and other interested agencies conducted extensive work on coordination of activities of producers and consumers of bituminous materials. This helped to identify the situation of the application of bituminous materials in road building in the regions and the Russian Federation as a whole. According to the results of the conducted work the mechanism of the decision, supported the above-mentioned ministries and big oil companies.

This work was also carried out to increase to 12 years, the overhaul life of roads with improved type of coverage. The results of this project, in accordance with the instruction of the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 20 January 2012 No. of IP-P9-244, were included in the agenda of the Governmental Commission on fuel and energy complex.

Currently, the Foundation is preparing to organizational meeting on creation of professional Association of manufacturers and consumers of bituminous materials.

The founding meeting of NP “ROBITON” took place in Moscow g. on the initiative of the FDA “Rosavtodor”. Participants: Road construction company “AUTOBAHN”, VAD, ROBOTRON, Asphalt concrete plant-VAD, Asphalt concrete plant №1, AVTODORSTROI, Trade House ORGKHIM”. NP “ROBITON” registered by the Ministry of justice of Russia g. in accordance with the current legislation.

about_imgcurrently, about twenty organizations and associations as oil and road sectors declared the intention to enter into a Partnership. NP “ROBITON” acts in the interests of participants of the partnership. The overriding objective is joint with the oil companies, the FDA “Rosavtodor” and subjects of the Russian Federation the program of development and optimal placement of capacities on manufacture of road oil bitumen and WSP on the territory of the Russian Federation. After the development of the programme – carrying out of the analysis of production and consumption of bitumen and WSP as in the regions and in Russia as a whole with the aim of further reconstruction of existing facilities and constructing new ones to improve product quality, reduce re-delivery of bituminous materials. Together with NC planned to study the possibility of using the maximum number of bituminous oil to obtain high-quality binding agents for road construction. Among the participants of the partnership planned the program for cooperation between contractors for building bitumen market; cooperation with international companies for the purpose of strengthening of positions on the external market; interaction with state authorities at the level of subjects of Federation, ministries of fuel and energy, the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The partnership operates in management purposes for implementation of innovative technologies, interoperability, enhanced quality control at realization of production, transportation and use of bituminous materials.

Partnership is based on the membership of manufacturers of bituminous materials and giving him special powers:
- control over the production, storage, transportation, use of bitumen materials in the construction of roads of Federal and regional significance;
- the implementation of international cooperation in the interests of the state and participants in the field of production and application of cement;
- organization of the processes of implementation of innovative technologies;
- to improve the regulatory legal base on specifying quality requirements bituminous materials depending on the climatic conditions of the regions of the application;
- the development of and participation in special leasing programs with the support of the state;
- implementation of accreditation of participants of the market infrastructure of production and transportation of bitumen materials;
- the implementation of collection, generalization and analysis of information and statistics of interest to members partnership issues of production, storage, transportation and use of bituminous materials;
- the implementation of information-analytical activities and provide market participants with methodical recommendations, the organization and carrying out of seminars and conferences in the field of production, storage, transportation and use of bituminous materials;
- coordination of efforts to combat fraud and other illegal actions in the field of production and application of bituminous materials, as well as on combating unfair competition;
- the coverage of core activities of the participants in the mass media, holding of press conferences.
Chairman of the management Board of NP “ROSBITUM” elected SABLIN Sergey Ivanovich.

“the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation – Sechin I.I.

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